The 40th Street project is currently underway. This special home was built in 1915 in the Prairie/Craftsman style. The home was designed by famed Omaha architect F.A. Henninger and was the residence of the prominent Carl A. Swanson family, founding partner and proprietor of the Swanson Foods Company, a household name in American kitchens. The home originally was built as a single-family residence and upon Swanson’s death was sold and converted to five apartments in the 1950’s. Unfortunately, the home was stripped of almost all the original interior details that made it once so stately. Carrie was able to see past the unfortunate divisions of space that resulted from being an apartment building and purchased the house with the intent to restore it back to a single family home. She is excited to take on such a challenging endeavor and takes great pride in restoring a home that is so prominent in Omaha history, truly saving it for generations to come. Stay tuned for important updates as work progresses!

Photo Credit: Avi Weisbach