The Mercer Park house was our first historic home restoration project, our baby! It will always hold a special place in our hearts! This beautiful 1930 Tudor Revival home is located in the Bemis Park neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska. When Carrie first saw pictures of this home, it was love at first sight! She was able to see it’s true potential even with the bad renovations that had been made over the years. A house many other buyers passed on became a dream come true. One of the most special parts of the project is that through the restoration process, former owners of the home began contacting Carrie to share their memories of living in the home and express interest in her restoration efforts. In the end, she was able to meet and become acquainted with three of the four families that have called Mercer Park home. Carrie was nominated for and received the 2017 Residential Preservation Award for this project. Of her efforts, the nominator wrote, “Her work expertly melds the old with the new in an effort to truly breathe new life into the home and neighborhood. She turns out a stunning result while paying attention to what is important to those of us who value what the past has to offer.”


Photo Credit: Avi Weisbach